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| 1:Value = Vomitron

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| 3:Label = Appearances
| 3:Value = ☣ Zombie Statistics ☣

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| 4:Value = Undead

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| 6:Value = Slime spit

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| 7:Label = Health
| 7:Value = Medium

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| 8:Label = Occupation
| 8:Value = None; Civilian

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| 9:Label = Gender
| 9:Value = Male

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| 10:Value = 

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| 11:Label = Death
| 11:Value = 

}} Vomitrons are special zombies in Dead Trigger 2.



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Vomitrons move slowly but can crawl under gates, through tunnels, cracks in walls, and over barricades. As a special zombie, they are far tougher than normal zombies. They use a ranged attack, able to spit acidic vomit at Kyle and the player that will do damage, slow them down, shake the player's screen, and cover it in goo. They are similar to the Spitter in DT1. The spit, however, travels farther, more accurately and faster so be cautious in tight corners.

However, due to the recent arena updates, if the player gets hit by the spit, their screen will be shaken and any ranged weapons in use will lose accuracy for 3 seconds. ( The spit will still deal damage to Kyle and the player)

Their spit can kill other zombies, which Kyle and the player may use to their advantage.


Like all undead, they can be taken out faster with a bullet to the head. Explosives can remove from half to almost all health. It is possible that they are the weakest among six special zombies. they are vulnerable to weapons which stagger them, like shotguns. It is also possible to use melee weapons as this zombie behaves like a normal zombie at close range, but be cautious not to get hit by their powerful attacks.

*NOTE*If a Vomitron spits to close to a wall, it will kill the Vomitron resulting in loot not dropping.