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☣ Weapon Statistics ☣
Based on:Uzi
Class:Submachine Guns
Magazine size25
Fire modeAutomatic
Unlock rankRank9
PriceShop icon 16,000

"The UZI was good enough for Chuck Norris, so it should be good enough for you. Small, compact, with an absurdly-high rate of fire, this little terror keeps the party going. Just watch your ammo!"
—Game description
The Uzi is a submachine gun.



The Uzi is the last submachine gun to be unlocked in the game. It has a high rate of fire, is fairly accurate, and can kill up to 5 Zombies at once if used wisely.

The Uzi does not have any attachments, like the Scorpion. The sights on the weapon feel empty, though it isn't necessary because a weapon like this is best used for taking on large groups, largely because of its high kick and large cone of fire.

It is a better secondary than a primary, because even though its damage rating is high, its rate of fire is even higher, draining rounds quickly, and this could be a problem in missions that require a certain number of walkers to be killed, because about halfway through the mission, the Uzi's ammo would be completely dry.


The Uzi has three tiers to upgrade to. With the initial purchase, and upgrades, this gun will cost a grand total of Shop icon 1168,000.

Tier Price Damage Accuracy Clip Range Starting Ammo Rank To Unlock
First Tier Shop icon 112,000 250 67 30 8 13
Second Tier Shop icon 150,000 500 71 35 8
Third Tier Shop icon 1100,000 800 71 40 8 233 39



  • The Uzi lacks a charging handle. This is evidenced by the Hero "pulling" on the "handle" when drawing the weapon.


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