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The Titan (formerly referred to as Behemoth) is a zombie in Dead Trigger 2. He was first seen at the CES 2013, in a demo on the NVIDIA Project Shield.


The Titan is first encountered* in the mission 'Encounter'. Kyle and the player will then see him in the Africa mission 'Fresh Air', as they were about to land on the oasis. They will first battle the Titan in the mission 'Terror from the Deep'. (In the first version of Dead Trigger 2, there was no Titan in US campaign. Titan appeared in Africa campaign only in early version)

He may have been a test subject due to him having a collar and numerous pipes and tubes embedded in it. He also has a couple of bullet holes on his chest. He appears to be more of a mutant than a zombie.

It can be assumed that the Titan is roaming the earth as he was first encountered in the USA and then seen again in Africa. How he travels on the water is unknown.


In the mission 'Terror From The Deep' he damages a city. Kyle and the player are sent to neutralize him. He slowly gets beat up by machine guns.


He fights back by throwing ruins at them. But his throwing skills are somewhat weak. If they get close to him he'll try and squish him with his hands or feet.

The Titan Defeated.jpeg


The Titan is humongous and towers above Kyle and the player. He has a spiked chain around his neck and some metal mechanism with tubes connecting to him, with metal plating drilled into his groin.


He is very aggressive and roars when he is angry. It is unknown if he speaks. He only growls, grunts, snarls, and roars.



The Titan zombie has no obvious weaknesses. Only machine guns neutralize him