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Thabo is a survivor in Africa. Kyle will find him in the reservoir. Thabo is the leader of the African Resistance. He speaks with a thick African accent.



His first appearance is in the mission "Into The Well".  


When he is found, Kyle and his team follow him, as he claims that he knows a shortcut. Kyle and his team dispatch the zombies crowding around Kyle and Thabo. Thabo warns Kyle about a sound that he heard. After that, hordes of zombies will crawl/climb out from wherever they can emerge from. Both Kyle, his team, and Thabo survive. 

In the mission "Uninvited Guest", he was invited to TNT's private party. He is seen next to the barman and then leaves the party.


Thabo wears a brown colored shirt, with a baseball cap of the same color. He wears glasses and jeans, and appears to be quite muscular. On the back of his shirt, an acronym that says "F.U.B.A.R" is written. This is an abbreviation for "F***ed Up Beyond All Recognition". It is a military slang.