Alice Portrait DT2
NationalityUnknown; likely American
AffiliationsPittsburgh Paramedic (formerly)
The Hideout
Birthunknown; likely aged late 20's

Tara Conlan is the medic in Dead Trigger 2.

Pre ApocalypseEdit

In times of peace, Tara worked as a paramedic in Pittsburgh. Her whole family, co-workers from the hospital, simply everyone whom she knew and loved was massacred, infected or left behind. She managed to pick up her life and today, she fights on. She mixes up pain killers, assembles medkits or prepares bandages for those out there on the front line battling zombies.

Post ApocalypseEdit

When Kyle is wandering through an alley, Tara is holding out in a building. When they meet, she offers to let him in, in exchange for repairing a nearby barricade. After he does, she lifts the gate, and lets him in.

Later, she is separated from him by another gate, prompting him to create a distraction while she waits for him near her car. He takes a bit of time to clear out, and she changes her mind, telling him he has two minutes to get to her car or she'll leave. He makes it, and she hails him to her vehicle.

She takes him to the Hideout, her base. She gives him some Gold to makes some Painkillers.

She also can make self-cure for the player.

Upgrading and LevelsEdit

The Medic can be upgraded to research new levels of painkillers and to have more production slots.

Level New Production Unlocked Upgrades Price Time Gold to finish faster
1 - - - -
2 Extra Production Slot Money DT2 1,000 2 Minutes and 30 Seconds Gold DT2 3
3 Money DT2 3,000 1 Hour Gold DT2 34
4 Extra Production Slot Money DT2 10,000 6 Hours Gold DT2 68
5 Money DT2 45,000 12 Hours Gold DT2 126
6 Extra Production Slot Money DT2 80,000 18 Hours Gold DT2 183
7 Money DT2 150,000 1 Day Gold DT2 ?
8 Money DT2 225,000 1 Day 6 Hours Gold DT2 272

Money DT2 375,000

1 Day 12 Hours Gold DT2 304
10 Money DT2 500,000 1 Day 16 Hours Gold DT2 325


  • Her old name was "Alice".
  • She wears the Dead Trigger 2 logo on her shirt.
  • It is often implied that Tara has a crush on Kyle calling names like Darling or Sweety.
  • Has a "Vacation" every so often with the Engineer and Gunsmith. (Hint they don't necessarily do traveling for vacations.) As Gunsmith said after being forced into a monthly vacation "please be gentle with my backside." The Engineer doesn't seem to mind as much when it's his turn.


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