Submachine guns are close-ranged, low calliber automatic weapons with a high fire rate. Sub machine guns are cheaper alternatives to assault rifles and are typically used in close quarter combat. Their low accuracy matched with high rates of fire and large ammo capacities make for excellent crowd control and great replacements for pistols early in the game.

There are only 3 of them in Dead Trigger. In Dead Trigger 2, the player can dual wield, though the Uzi is the only Submachine Gun known so far to do so.

Dead TriggerEdit

Scorpion Description
"The SCORPION is perfect for wholesale slaughter. A high rate of fire coupled with low accuracy makes it ideal for ,ahem, crowd control."
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Project 90 Description
Project 90
"The Project 90 is a prototype made from light, heat resistant alloys, equipped with a high-capacity chamber and no-recoil comfort system. There's no better option for flashy, hi-tech killing."
120 Shop icon 2

Uzi Description
"The UZI was good enough for Chuck Norris, so it should be good enough for you. Small, compact, with an absurdly-high rate of fire, this little terror keeps the party going. Just watch your ammo!"
6,000 Shop icon 1

Dead Trigger 2Edit

MP5K Description
"THE TERM between SMGs. Was used by almost all special forces back in the day."
1,000 Shop icon 1

Dual Uzi Description
Dual Uzi
"Spraying bullets around has never been easier. Mr. Woo would be proud!"
125,000 Shop icon 1

Scorpion EVO Description
Scorpion EVO
"Czech SMG with surprising accuracy, easy manipulation and modern design. Adorable."
375,000 Shop icon 1

Spagin Description
"Soviet SMG from World War II. This piece was treated with intensive care, thus it still runs like a Swiss watch."
500,000 Shop icon 1