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"Running fast in dead world is better than a suit of armor or bulletproof vest. In and out, nobody gets hurt: the motto of Special Forces and porn stars."
—In-game description

Speed Booster
Speed Booster
☣ Item Statistics ☣
Effect:Increases walking speed 2x faster
Amount per purchase:1 (Infinite Use)
PriceShop icon 2300

The Speed Booster is a special power up which allows the player to move at a faster speed; putting the Hero into a near sprint.



This Powerup allows the player to move faster. This power up is useful in Supply Runs, where the player has to walk to and from crates and collection points. This Power up costs 300 gold, and only boosts the player's speed. It does not help the player aim down sights faster nor reload faster. It only needs to be purchased once, and can be used an infinite amount of times after.


  • The Speed Booster is the only Power up which changes the characters abilities, i.e. allows player to speed up, no other Power up allows the player to aim quicker, reload quicker etc.