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Slow Time
Slow Time
☣ Item Statistics ☣
Amount per purchase:6
Limit per game:3
PriceShop icon 1700

"Everything moves in slow-motion, except for you. Remember The Matrix? It's kinda like that. Okay, its exactly like that."
—In-game description
Slow Time is an item in Dead Trigger.


The item "Slow Time" is a moderately priced weapon, at 6 for $700. It is one of the more unique items. The only ways to obtain a "Slow Time" in-game is when one kills the Hulk Zombie, one uses a Revive kit, or one activates this item.

This item when used can be rather useful, as it allows the player the move at normal speed while zombies move in slow motion. However, the only trade-off with this weapon is its duration. The "Slow Time" lasts for a mere 5 seconds. This is all too short for the player to use it effectively. It is best used for escaping from a large group of zombies or to put some distance between the zombies.

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