Shotguns have a low range compared to other weapons, apart from the melee and pistols. However, they deal massive amounts of damage per shot, as instead of one bullet flying out, each shell shot out carries 5-9 pellets.

Dead TriggerEdit

RMGT 870 Description
RMGT 870
"The REMINGTON 870 is a shotgun. Nothing fancy. Nothing computerized. Nothing left standing. Better and stronger version of this weapon is Remington Tactics."
5,000 Shop icon 1

Lupara Description
"The Lupara is a no-nonsense firearm. Tune-ups improve power and accuracy. Good for skirmishes."
120 Shop icon 2

KSG Description
"The KSG is a second-gen shotgun. Dual tube magazines and minimal kick ensure tons of fun, perfect for groups, mobs, and hordes. Feeling spunky? Unload both barrels into a single zombie and count the pieces. If you can count that high."
10,000 Shop icon 1

Striker Description
"The STRIKER is a Singapore-style shotgun. What does that mean? Not sure, but were guessing it has something to do with the all-rubber design, the ability to field-strip in a flash, and the light weight. Ideal for blowing off heads. Just sayin."
20,000 Shop icon 1

RMGT Tactics Description
RMGT Tactics
"Weapons can also be tuned. For instance, this is a better and stronger version of the 870."
20,000 Shop icon 1

Dead Trigger 2Edit

Ithaca Description
"Traditional pump-action fun. Favorite choice of police officers and Zombie killers."
15,000 Shop icon 1

Jackhammer Description
"With automatic reloading, you don’t have to pump - just focus on loving this gun!"
280,000 Shop icon 1

SPAS Description
"Perfect combat shotgun. When you prefer pumping, but still looking for a bit more firepower."
450,000 Shop icon 1

KSG (Dead Trigger 2) Description
KSG (Dead Trigger 2)
"The KSG shotgun is a manually operated, pump (slide) action weapon."
1,125,000 Shop icon 1

Coach Shotgun Description
Coach Shotgun
"The double barreled hammer for point-blank fire. With hole in the chest no walker walks again."
750,000 Shop icon 1