SWAT Zombie
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The SWAT Zombie is a variation of the Zombie.



The SWAT Zombie has sharp red eyes, and has a noticeable amount of blood dripping from his mouth onto his armor and hands. This zombie is dressed in a SWAT uniform, which consists of a black helmet, a black set of body armor with "SWAT" printed on the lower chest in white, and various pouches that are strung along the armor around the waist.


This zombie has the same abilities as all the others do; it can crawl under gates, tunnels, cracks in the wall, and mantle over barricades. This zombie can also sprint at the player faster than normal zombies.

Due to this zombie being equipped in SWAT armor, this zombie has a natural resistance to bullets. It takes around 4 to 5 times the normal ammunition to kill this zombie, so be ready to waste quite a few rounds on this zombie when you encounter it. Unlike most of the other zombies, this zombie makes the same noise as a bullet hitting metal when shot, due to the armor.


Like most of the other undead, this zombie can be killed faster with a bullet to the head. Since this zombie has armor, it is naturally more difficult to take out. When using a ranged weapon, it is best to hit the SWAT zombie on the chin, upper neck or eye to deal maximum damage. Melee weapons (Chainsaw T-800 and Brain-Mill) are the most effective weapons to use on the SWAT zombie as it treats the zombie as it ignores the armor and will kill the zombie in a few hits. Keep in mind there is minimal to no knockback when using melee weapons. All explosives are effective against this and other zombies as explosives ignore armor.


  • If you don't have a melee weapon, try to focus fire onto its head, and keep the trigger held until it dies. It may take a magazine or two if your weapon is weak, or few rounds if you're using a shotgun(though not ideal because of the usual near range), like the Lupara, or a high-powered weapon(like the Bren, Lewis or Minigun). Besides, shooting at its face, which is not protected with armor, causes greater damage than anywhere else on the body.
  • If you're desperate, lure it to an explosive barrel or throw down a grenade (Bait Grenade or Frag Grenade), or lure it to a Turret, or a Blade / Laser Cutter to kill it quickly.



  • He appeared in Dead Trigger 2's loading screen and opening cutscene.


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