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| 6:Value = Hands ( Punch, Smash); Sprinting attack

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| 7:Value = Medium- High

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| 8:Value = Soldier

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| 9:Value = Male

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}} Ragers are special zombies in Dead Trigger 2.



Ragers are soldiers that were infected and then mutated with the chemical waste of the mine in Africa, The mutations have caused them to have a lot of strength, they has 3 knives in their chest, wear green camo pants and grayish brown boots. They has three metal bars in their chests that seem to be holding wounds closed.


Ragers can crawl under gates, through tunnels, cracks in walls, and over barricades. Ragers are the only sprinting special zombie besides the First One; they are able to charge at Kyle and the player, knocking them down if successful. The damage Ragers can deal depend on difficulty and it will also gradually increase.

Ragers are extremely tough, taking them down without explosive is a hard task and Kyle and the player might run out of ammo before successfully killing them. Ragers have incredible speed also when charging at them.

Ragers are the only other (aside from Vomitron) to have more than one attack: their charge attacks will knock Kyle and the player down, while in melee range they will either smash with two hands, punch, or hook, which all deal the same damage but will not knock Kyle and the player to the ground.

Ragers are one of the most dangerous special zombies in the game. They have very high damage resistance and does significant damage to Kyle and the player. Their charging attack is brutal; right after appearing he generally executes several charge attacks towards Kyle and the player's position with so significant speed limit, to the point where they charge so fast that they gain the ability to clip through walls and knock Kyle and the player down before they stop. During this initial charge, Ragers can make sharp turns while charging; so even if Kyle and the player sidestep or take cover behind an obstacle, Ragers can change their course mid-charge and charge around obstacles, possibly hitting Kyle and the player before they stops their initial charge to charge normally. They execute melee attacks if Kyle and the player are at a medium-short range, causing massive damage.


Ragers are extremely aggressive and muscular. They don't seem to speak. They have the urge to charge in front of Kyle and the player. They punch, smash, or hook their enemies if they are up close. They are very very fast. The don't seem to care about other zombies when they charge. They end up killing other zombies sometimes.