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Project 90
Project 90
☣ Weapon Statistics ☣
Based on:FN P90
Class:Submachine Guns
Magazine size40
Fire modeAutomatic
Unlock rankRank8
PriceShop icon 2120

"The Project 90 is a UFO on the battleground. Made of light alloys, equipped with a high-capacity chamber and a recoil-motor. There's no better option for hi-tech killing."
—Game Description
"The Project 90 is a prototype made from light, heat resistant alloys, equipped with a high-capacity chamber and no-recoil comfort system. There's no better option for flashy, hi-tech killing."
—Game Description
The Project 90 is a submachine gun in Dead Trigger.



The Project 90, or the P90, is a submachine gun. It is the second submachine gun to be unlocked in the Shop, and is the most superior of the three in almost every way. It is a submachine gun, therefore has a great rate of fire and clip capacity. It is capable of killing walkers with little effort.

It is very stable, with little to no recoil, and is best at killing mobs of walkers. However, at longer distances its accuracy falls short as bullet spread can be a significant issue. Its large clip, high damage, and most of all, its rate of fire, makes this a good weapon for killing zombies.

It is best used as a secondary, due to its high rate of fire and small range. It is extremely effective with its maximized clip, making for a great backup.

Players need to note that even though the starting ammunition may seem a lot, he/she can burn through the ammo surprisingly quickly, due to the P90's high rate of fire.


The P90 has 3 tiers to upgrade to. With the initial purchase, and upgrades, this gun will cost a grand total of Shop icon 2240.

Tier Price Damage Accuracy Clip Range Starting Ammo Rank to unlock
First Tier Shop icon 240 400 71 40 9 16
Second Tier Shop icon 240 600 79 50 10 26
Third Tier Shop icon 240 800 79 50 10 250 42



  • Prior to the iOS 1.7.0 update, this cost Shop icon 249.
  • In real life, the FN-P90 is a personal self defense weapon.
  • The Project 90 and Bren are the only guns in the game with top magazines.


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