Money Cache

The render of the Money Cache

Money Cache is a money item hidden in maps.


The money cache is a suitcase containing money. It has blood smeared on the top, and a noticable sticker. Before the Money Cache can be picked up, the player must look at it to obtain the cash inside. Once the player opens the suitcase, it will glow golden, expand, and fold up. It then vanishes. This is followed by a message saying: "You have found:____" The amount of cash one can obtain from this box is dependent to the player's level, current day, and the difficulty of the mission, which is indicated on the mission description. Easy difficulty will reward less than Normal and Hard. There can be only one Money cache spawned in a map. Gold reward, supply chopper mission and arena will not spawn a money cache.


  • In the mission where the player is asked to explore Dr. Mcguffin's lab, 2 money caches can be obtained.
  • There are always 2 money caches in the Laboratary map
  • Money Caches are replaced by Bonus Pigs in Dead Trigger 2.