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"If you have ever destroyed a slot machine in Vegas with a sledgehammer and watched the money pour out, you already know how the money booster works."
—Game Description

Money Booster
Money Booster
☣ Item Statistics ☣
Effect:Adds additional money to overall mission payout
Amount per purchase:1 (Infinite Use)
PriceShop icon 2300

The Money Booster is a significant power up which allows the player to earn extra money at the end of each mission.



This is a passive perk that increases the amount of money a player earns after every mission. The formula on how much more money is earned is currently unknown.

For example, if a player earns $1,385 on a mission without the Money Booster, they will earn $2,480, which adds $1,095 to the overall pay, nearly doubling the payout.

It is a quicker way to earn more money, rather than having to complete 100 missions or pay $0.99 for 40,000.


  • The amount earned varies by rank. The higher the rank, the larger the payout.