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Missions, or Days, are objectives in Dead Trigger which the Hero can complete in order to obtain Cash, to puchase weapons and perks, and XP to rank up. There are Main Quests and there are side-missions, which consist of guarding areas of the Safe Haven, going on supply runs for the Haven, killing Zombies, and Main Quests, which is the story. Certain quests have rewards.

Mission TypeEdit

Main QuestEdit

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Main Quests are the story driven missions in Dead Trigger. They usually have a message just before beginning the mission by Julian, when it is related to the Safe Haven.

Zombie SlayerEdit


Zombie Slayers main objective varies with the specific mission, but mostly deals with having to kill all Zombies in the given map. There is a limit to the amount of Zombies that can be killed, and the mission ends when the limit is reached.

Supply RunEdit

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Supply Runs main objective is to collect vital supplies for the Safe Haven colony, such as food, medication, and other goods. There is a limit to the amount of supplies to collect, and once collected, they have to be carried back to the Supply Van.

  • Find food
  • Exploration

Guard Edit

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Guarding objectives include rescuing other survivors, protecting supply storage rooms, protecting "friends" or other survivors, and defending corners of the Safe Haven. There are instances where there are two objects that need to be guarded, and they have a health bar, and once it is reduced to zero, the mission is over and failed.

  • Search for food
  • Hunt for Supplies
  • Surprise

Defend your PositionEdit

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Defending your position requires the Hero to hold off an enclosed space until a timer runs out, although that is not always the case. Once the timer runs out, the mission ends. There are usually multiple areas that Zombies can enter through, though they are fairly easy to guard.

  • Ambush
  • Surprise Encounter
  • Help from heaven