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"Fills your health to full."
—In-game description

FirstAid Kit
☣ Item Statistics ☣
Effect:Fills players health to full
Amount per purchase:2
Limit per game:2
Price5Shop icon 2

The Medkit is a medical item that fully replenishes a player's health.



The Medkit is an improved version of the Bandage. Instead of restoring 3 bars of health, the Medkit restores a player health to full. The only setbacks are that the Medkit more expensive and the player can only hold two. However, the Medkit does not revive a player. It's recommended that the player begins using the Medkit only after obtaining Health Upgrades. Before getting a health upgrade, standard Bandages can completely heal a player, rendering the Medkit a redundant and more expensive item.


  • There is no animation for this Item when it is used, but a sound is made.
  • The stock image is of a First-Aid Kit.
  • Before update 1.7 this item cost $600.
  • It is also featured in MADFINGERS "Shadowgun: Deadzone"