Open areas, and long/short corridors



Special Zombie:




The Mall is a map which the player can roam through. It is a large map, that merges with two other areas, the Stock room, and the stairway.

Escalator RoomEdit

This room is the main feature of the map. It is the center of the mall. It includes multiple zombie spawn points and two escalators. Players can only climb one of them, as the other is blocked. This is one of the brightest lit room in the game, as the sky can be seen. The secret chest is located under the elevator on a wooden table.

Stock RoomEdit

The Stock room is an area that is connected to the main part of the mall, the escalator. It has 3 zombie spawn areas. When spawning in this room the player will always spawn in a greenly lit elevator. It is possible to see outside of the map in the playable area. This is a glitch.


This room features 4 levels of staircases. These staircases are rather wide and on each level there are 2 zombie spawn points. The walls in this room are made of marble. The main problem with this area is that it makes your radar next to useless, as zombies can spawn on the levels below and above you.