Male Zombie
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OccupationUnknown; Civilian

The Male Zombie is a variation of the Zombies.

Overview Edit

Appeareance Edit

The Male Zombie appears wearing three tops; jacket, dress shirt, and shirt. He, like all other Zombies, has blood throughout his body, and there are three noticeable scratches on his face, possibly the location of a bite/scratch or infection which turned him into zombie. While not very challenging to face one-on-one, they can be powerful in large numbers.


The Male Zombie shares all the abilities that the usual zombies have, ability to crawl, jump and attack the player. He can sprint, but only short distances, and not as quickly as the Female Zombie or the Athlete Zombie.


The Male Zombie, like all zombies, is more vulnerable when shot in the head.

Appearances in GameEdit

This Zombie appears throughout the entire game: all missions and in the Arena.