Machine guns are fully-automatic, high powered weapons. They have one of the longest ranges in Dead Trigger.

Dead Trigger Edit

Bren Description
"The BREN is an infantry machine-gun. If you shoot a single 7.62 mm round into a zombie, a 20-ounce sirloin comes out the other side. The Bren serves up 100 sirloins per minute..."
12,000 Shop icon 1

Lewis Description
"A WWI era machine gun, straight from the blood-soaked mud of the trenches. What else could you posibly want? Dont ask for whom the bells toll, get hold of one of these and start ringing some zombie bells yourself!"
120 Shop icon 2

Minigun Description
"The MINIGUN: When you absolutely, positively, must kill every single sonofabitch in sight."
260 Shop icon 2

Dead Trigger 2 Edit

Type 92 Description
Type 92
"Japanese heavy machine gun. No one can stand such a shower of bullets, right?"
450,000 Shop icon 1

Minigun Description
Minigun (Dead Trigger 2)
"You know what this gun represents - absolute RAMPAGE!"
1,100,000 Shop icon 1