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"The Lupara is an evergreen among civilian weapons. Tune up for brutal stopping force; the recoil is like a horse's kick, and the scatter is like throwing water from a bucket."
—Game Description
"The Lupara is a no-nonsense firearm. Tune-ups improve power and accuracy. Good for skirmishes."
—Game Description

☣ Weapon Statistics ☣
Based on:Lupara
Damage2k (2000)
Magazine size2
Fire modeSemi-Automatic
Unlock rankRank5
PriceShop icon 2120

The Lupara is a sawed-off shotgun in Dead Trigger.



The Lupara is a sawed-off shotgun that is more than capable of killing Zombies with a single shot; even performing carnages. This shotgun deals the most starting damage of all the weapons in the game, with 2,000 damage per shot, with a maximum damage of 7,000 per shot (at max tier upgrade), also the highest in the game.

The Lupara shoots out 7 pellets per shell, 2 shells per shot (if the fire button is held for half a second), with a reload time of 2 seconds. It has a draw time of 1 seconds, and a drop time of 1 second. In between shots, the Lupara takes another second to be ready to fire, unless both shells are fired at one time, then there is only 1/4th of a second between the shot.

It is a handy secondary, even though the damage is high, the ammo capacity and reload times are what prevent this shotgun from being overpowered, more than it already is.

Another issue is its accuracy. When stationary, the gun's cross-hairs are already quite wide, and it becomes even wider when the player moves. Thus, it is advisable to aim down the gun's iron sights for a more accurate spread.

The Lupara also inflicts a significant knockback on zombies. This is especially useful if the player is trapped by a zombie and a path needs to be cleared. The extremely high rate of fire can also be very useful if the player manages to group the zombies and hold down the trigger.


The Lupara has three tiers to upgrade to. With the initial purchase, and upgrades, this gun is priced at a grand total of Shop icon 2240.

Tier Price Damage Accuracy Clip Range Starting Ammo Rank To Unlock
First Tier Shop icon 240 3,500 10 2 6 26 18
Second Tier Shop icon 240 5,000 10 2 7 26 30
Third Tier Shop icon 240 7,500 10 2 8 26



  • The Lupara is the only double-barrel shotgun.
  • It easily takes out even the hardest of enemies.
  • The Lupara, the RMGT 870, the Minigun, and the Bren are the only guns that shows their crosshairs while aiming down 'sights'.
  • If a zombie hits the player while the player is reloading the Lupara, the animation will just show 2 shells dropping into the chambers and the player's hand will become invisible.
  • Prior to the iOS 1.7.0 update, this costs Shop icon 249.
  • This weapon has the highest damage in the game.


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