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"How about a plastic surgery instrument prototype that didn't exactly get approval for usage on humans? The Head Flator X1 enables you to inflate the heads of zombies to XXXXL size...Headshot!"
—Game Description

Head Flator X1
Head-Flator X1 HD
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Enlarges the head of zombies

Amount per Purchase:

1 (Infinite use)



Rank to Unlock:

Rank 1


Shop icon 2199

The Head Flator X1 is a Powerup featured in the 1.1.2 update that increases the size of the Zombies' heads as well as shrinking their body.

☣ OverviewEdit


The Head Flator X1 is one of the most unique Power ups in the game. It is the only Power up in the game that has an direct effect on Zombies. The Head Flator increases the size of the Zombies' head by 300%-400%. It also increases the critical damage absorbed by the Zombies. Since the head of the Zombies have been enlarged, the player, when aiming down sights, will auto lock onto the Zombies' head first instead of the usual body.

In a nutshell, this Power up increases the player's chance of getting head shots and thus, makes zombie killing easier.

☣ TriviaEdit

  • Not only do the zombies' head get enlarged, their body gets smaller too.
  • Besides the heads, pumpkin 'hats' and reindeer "heads" will also swell to an incredible size.

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