Grace Kelly
GraceThe scientist holding a syringe.
BirthUnknown; likely aged early to mid 20's

Grace Kelly is a scientist who survived the deadly virus that has swept the planet. She appears in Dead Trigger.


Not much is known about her before the outbreak, but she did work at an institute as a scientist.

Post ApocalypseEdit

Damsel in DistressEdit

Grace Kelly is a scientist that the Hero encounters when Julian alerts him that they recieved a distress signal from a woman in a hotel in town. She made a banner in front of the hotel with pieces of cloth, and an exclamation mark made from a bra.

Back to HomeEdit

She waits inside the hotel for some time until she see's her door is kicked down and a man rushes in, so she shoots at him, but misses, and then apologizes. She tell him she's ready to go, and points at a pile of boxes, which barely fit in the van. She explains she won't leave until all her instruments are brought along. As he places her belongings in the van, she accidentaly leans on the horn while getting in, alerting nearby walkers.

Once they return to the New Hope, the inhabitants welcome her with enthusiasm. As she settles in, Hero comes into the room and Grace shows him a special weapon she designed for zombie killing, an item she mentioned earlier.

Lab RatEdit

Grace calls the Hero into her lab to reveal that it isn't possible to return zombies back into people. The virus causes massive changes to the brain, making its effects irreversible. She tells him she has plans to make killing them easier, though she needs more supplies for her lab, so she sends him on a supply run to her old workplace, the institute.

After the supplies are brought to her, the Hero takes her to the a scientific library, where she looks for biomedial research to help create a weapon.

Once she returns, she finishes her laboratory, creating a variety of devices, one of which she gives to him.