file:Gold.gifFive stacks of Gold pieces.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

""Gold is the most valuable commodity in Dead Trigger. The cost of such things as weapons goes is pretty high. Sometimes so high that it can be expressed by gold only."



Gold is the rarest form of currency to obtain in Dead Trigger. There are a few methods to obtain these, which include purchasing them using real-life currency through I.A.P.'s, completing TapJoy offers, completing daily reward missions or winning the jackpot in the Casino.

In Dead Trigger 2, they can be acquired by:

  • Doing challenges accessed from the book icon
  • Purchasing with real currency
  • Purchasing with in-game currency. The only purpose for this is to speed up production or buy Smuggler's items


  • 200G for $0.00
  • 650G for $2.99
  • 1200G for $4.99
  • 2600G for $9.99
  • 4000G for $12.99