The Dead Trigger games have a few easter eggs (hidden in-game jokes or references).

Dead TriggerEdit


  • In the Escalator room, there are a few banners on the roof of the mall. These banners have a red background and a triangular crosshair with a circle around it. This logo is present in the game Shadowgun too.


  • In this map, there are plenty of Shadowgun advertisements on the wall.

Stadium of the DeadEdit

  • In this arena map, the hurdles have the Samurai 2 logo on them.


  • Two guns have the Shadowgun insignia on their sides. They are the Bren and the RMGT Tactics.


Dead Trigger 2Edit


  • There is a pub named: The Dead Trigger's Beer and Ale, a reference to the game itself.

Rocket LauncherEdit

  • On the cover of the Rocket Launcher there is the Shadowgun insignia.


  • In the hideout the medic is wearing a Dead Trigger2 T-Shirt