Guns are the main weapons used in Dead Trigger. They consist of Rifles, Pistols, Submachine Guns, Light Machine Guns, and Shotguns. There are also Melee weapons in the game. They all have varying damage, recoil, spread, magazine sizes, and effective ranges.

Guns like the Walther P99, Striker, KSG and Colt M4 have an optical attachment instead (red dot sight and the holographic sight). Guns like the Winchester and the Scorpion have simple iron sights (Patridge sights).


Walther P99 Description
Walther P99
"The WALTHER P99 is a small but effective gun. 9 mm parabellum rounds make it a wonderful conversation starter with any zombie."
50 Shop icon 2

Colt 1911 Description
Colt 1911
"The COLT 1911 was the choice of gunfighters, U.S. Marshalls, and bandits back in the Old West. Reliable, deadly, and beautifully designed."
500 Shop icon 1

Alien Gun Description
Alien Gun
"This highly effective weapon of unknown technology allows you to disintegrate the body of an adult human, or better yet, zombie, with one magnificent shot."
120 Shop icon 2

Submachine GunsEdit

Scorpion Description
"The SCORPION is perfect for wholesale slaughter. A high rate of fire coupled with low accuracy makes it ideal for ,ahem, crowd control."
5,000 Shop icon 1

Project 90 Description
Project 90
"The Project 90 is a prototype made from light, heat resistant alloys, equipped with a high-capacity chamber and no-recoil comfort system. There's no better option for flashy, hi-tech killing."
120 Shop icon 2

Uzi Description
"The UZI was good enough for Chuck Norris, so it should be good enough for you. Small, compact, with an absurdly-high rate of fire, this little terror keeps the party going. Just watch your ammo!"
6,000 Shop icon 1

Assault Rifles Edit

Colt M4 Description
Colt M4
"The M4 is the bread and butter of the Western arms industry. Designed as the answer to the AK-47, it has less recoil and a sleeker profile."
100 Shop icon 2



Winchester Description
"A classic that has withered the test of time. Load 'er up on Monday and shoot the whole week through! For those who prefer to kill with vintage style. This rugged old lady is the only mistress you'll ever need..."
100 Shop icon 2

Enfield 303 Description
Enfield 303
"The Enfield 303 is a throwback rifle, originally designed for piercing armor, elephant skulls, and concrete-block walls. It works pretty well on zombies, too."
120 Shop icon 2


RMGT 870 Description
RMGT 870
"The REMINGTON 870 is a shotgun. Nothing fancy. Nothing computerized. Nothing left standing. Better and stronger version of this weapon is Remington Tactics."
5,000 Shop icon 1

Lupara Description
"The Lupara is a no-nonsense firearm. Tune-ups improve power and accuracy. Good for skirmishes."
120 Shop icon 2

KSG Description
"The KSG is a second-gen shotgun. Dual tube magazines and minimal kick ensure tons of fun, perfect for groups, mobs, and hordes. Feeling spunky? Unload both barrels into a single zombie and count the pieces. If you can count that high."
10,000 Shop icon 1

Striker Description
"The STRIKER is a Singapore-style shotgun. What does that mean? Not sure, but were guessing it has something to do with the all-rubber design, the ability to field-strip in a flash, and the light weight. Ideal for blowing off heads. Just sayin."
20,000 Shop icon 1

RMGT Tactics Description
RMGT Tactics
"Weapons can also be tuned. For instance, this is a better and stronger version of the 870."
20,000 Shop icon 1

Machine GunsEdit

Bren Description
"The BREN is an infantry machine-gun. If you shoot a single 7.62 mm round into a zombie, a 20-ounce sirloin comes out the other side. The Bren serves up 100 sirloins per minute..."
12,000 Shop icon 1

Lewis Description
"A WWI era machine gun, straight from the blood-soaked mud of the trenches. What else could you posibly want? Dont ask for whom the bells toll, get hold of one of these and start ringing some zombie bells yourself!"
120 Shop icon 2

Minigun Description
"The MINIGUN: When you absolutely, positively, must kill every single sonofabitch in sight."
260 Shop icon 2


Chainsaw T-800 Description
Chainsaw T-800
"When killing zombies with a chainsaw, you are bound to run out of gas. But hey, who gives a rats ass about that? If zombies have eaten your entire family, this is the only way to get revenge. Vrooom, vrooom, vrooom!"
5,000 Shop icon 1

Brain-Mill Description
"This little baby features a 30 kW outboard motor rigged with turbine blades that have been grinded to razor sharp perfection. Is it a lawnmower? Is it a blender? A wood chipper? You decide! Either way, its about to get real messy up in here..."
120 Shop icon 2

Crossbow Description
Crossbow (Dead Trigger)
"This weapon kills enemies with medieval brutality even in the third millenium!"
210 Shop icon 2

Grenade Launcher Description
Grenade Launcher
"Who's a survivor's best friend in a world full of zombies? A dog? A woman? A book? Nope, not even close... A grenade launcher, with a buddy like this, life is a non-stop party( if you like partying in the slaughterhouse that is)"
240 Shop icon 2


  • Each weapon can be upgraded three times.
  • The damage listed for every weapon is relative only to other weapons of the same type. For instance, at maximum level, the Enfield 303 rifle is listed to do 650 damage, while at maximum level the Uzi submachine gun is listed for 800. Yet, despite numerical differences, the Enfield 303 is capable of doing one shot kills, whereas the Uzi isn't.
  • Guns have very minimal recoil, however the bullets will not travel to where the bullets should hit due to spread; an unspecified statistic. This is easier to see with an automatic gun with an optical attachment equipped.
  • The only melee 'weapon' in the game, other than the Chainsaw T-800 and the Brain-Mill, is using the Hero's hands; although, it only happens when a zombie comes from behind and tries to bite the player. The player must do a tap pattern in time to break the the zombie's neck. Failure to do so will result in a successful zombie bite and consequently lost health.