Ranks are the leveling system used in the game. The more one ranks up, the more weapons and items that can be unlocked. An additional Shop icon 21 is also earned upon ranking up.


Ranks Unlocks
Rank1 Scorpion, Bandage, Money, Speed, and Damage Booster, all  Item Slots, all Weapon Slots
Rank2 Colt 1911, Walther P99, Colt M4
Rank3 Winchester , Chainsaw T-800, Laser Turret
Rank4 Bait, Brain-Mill, Crossbow, Grenade Launcher
Rank5 RMGT 870, Lupara, Slow Time
Rank6 Frag Grenade
Rank7 AK 47, Enfield 303, Blade Cutter
Rank8 Project 90, Turret
Rank9 Uzi, Medkit
Rank10 Minigun, Mine
Rank11 KSG, Revive Kit
Rank12 Lewis, Laser Cutter
Rank13 Bren
Rank14 Bait Grenade
Rank15 Striker
Rank16 Minigun
Rank17 RMGT Tactics


  • The ranking system stops at 50.