"Hello Sir! Name's Buck, the Gunsmith. It's a miracle you found that toolbox... Thank you so much!"

Earl DT2
OccupationGunsmith, Gun Salesmen
AffiliationsNew Hope
BirthUnknown; likely aged 40's

Buck Andrews is the Gunsmith in Dead Trigger 2.

Pre ApocalypseEdit

Buck never speaks about his past. He was a family man, he had a wife, children, a dog… all of whom he was forced to kill when they turned. And the old Buck? He died with them. He never recovered. His only purpose today is to build weapons and use them. He does the same for those who kill as well as he does.

Post ApocalypseEdit

He lost his entire family during the outbreak, and had since taken to forging weapons to help the Resistance and eliminate the Zombie threat.


Buck is a walking weapon database and a gun-loving pro. He is the Master Gunsmith with a very sadistic personality. He is the also the co-host of Gunsmith Tuesday.

He appears to dislike TNT for being a "punk" and a "freak", cursing him during the interviews. He loves threatening TNT and harming him for fun, like shooting him with the M-16 and firing at his hair with the M1 Garand. He is known to play football with Roberto as seen in a video.


The Gunsmith can be upgraded to produce new weapons and upgrade already owned ones.

Level New Production Unlocked Upgrades Price Time Gold to finish faster Tech Rank to Unlock

Extra Production Slot

Every weapon to Mark 2 Money DT2 2,000 5 Minutes Gold DT2 3 Rank 2
3 Every weapon to Mark 3 Money DT2 6,000 3 Hours Gold DT2 40 Rank 3

Extra Production Slot

Every weapon to Mark 4 Money DT2 20,000 12 Hours Gold DT2 107 Rank 4
5 Every weapon to Mark 5 Money DT2 90,000 1 Day Gold DT2 240 Rank 5

Extra Production Slot

Every weapon to Mark 6 Money DT2 160,000 1 Day 12 Hours Gold DT2 304 Rank 6
7 Every weapon to Mark 7 Money DT2 300,000 2 Days Gold DT2 367 Rank 7
8 Every weapon to Mark 8 Money DT2 500,000 2 Days 12 Hours Gold DT2 430 Rank 8
9 Every weapon to Mark 9 Money DT2 750,000 3 Days Gold DT2 493 Rank 9
10 Every weapon to Mark 10 Money DT2 1,000,000 3 Days 8 Hours Gold DT2 536 Rank 10


  • Ever since he arrived at the Hideout, he always has an Ithaca on his table.
  • At level eight there is a screen near Buck's workbench that shows an AK-47 and an underbarreled grenade launcher.
  • His old name was "Earl".