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"The BREN is an infantry machine-gun. If you shoot a single 7.62 mm round into a zombie, a 20-ounce sirloin comes out the other side. The Bren serves up 100 sirloins per minute..."
—Game Description

☣ Weapon Statistics ☣
Based on:Bren gun
Class:Machine Guns
Magazine size25
Fire modeAutomatic
Unlock rankRank13
PriceShop icon 112,000

The Bren is a light machine gun in Dead Trigger.



The BREN is a weapon unlocked at a rather late level, due to its power. The gun has high damage and a moderate rate of fire. Its major setbacks are its low ammo capacity per clip and the lack of iron sights. Instead of aiming down sights, the player will zoom in his/ her view, similar to the Minigun. This weapon should be used as a secondary, in case the player runs out of ammo.The Bren has got TWO ATTACHMENTS:a Bipod and a Handle but the player can´t use them


The Bren has three tiers to upgrade to. With the initial purchase, and upgrades, this gun is priced at a grand total of Shop icon 1232,000.

Tier Price Damage Accuracy Clip Range Starting Ammo Rank To unlock
First Tier Shop icon 130,000 400 77 25 66 20
Second Tier Shop icon 190,000 640 77 28 66 29
Third Tier Shop icon 1100,000 880 77 30 66 160 39



  • The side of the Bren has an insignia for Shadowgun.
  • The Bren and Project 90 are the only guns in the game with top magazines.
  • When the player goes into first person mode, the character, instead of folding the bi-pod, leaves it dangling.
  • The Bren has iron sights in real life, but they were removed in the game.


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