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For the Dead Trigger 2 equivalent, see Brainmill.

"This little baby features a 30 kW outboard motor rigged with turbine blades that have been grinded to razor sharp perfection. Is it a lawnmower? Is it a blender? A wood chipper? You decide! Either way, its about to get real messy up in here..."
—Game Description

☣ Weapon Statistics ☣
Based on:N/A
Magazine size220
Fire modeAutomatic
Unlock rankRank4
PriceShop icon 2120

The Brain-Mill is a melee weapon in Dead Trigger.



The Brain-Mill is essentially a custom weapon, because it is a combination of many things in one. It is a 30kW outboard motor rigged with turbine blades on a handle. Because it is a melee weapon, it has the lowest range, along with the Chainsaw. However, it has a high damage rate, and the motor turns rapidly.

It has "sharpened" blades, that are easily capable of dismembering and disintegrating the zombies. Because it is a melee weapon, it cannot be reloaded. It has no sights whatsoever, so tapping the Iron Sight button would not cause the player to look closer as the Bren and Minigun would.

It is best used as a tertiary or secondary weapon because it runs on electricity, which drains quickly. With the range being one, it isn't useful when trying to face many zombies.


The Brain-Mill has three tiers to upgrade to. With the initial purchase and upgrades, will cost a grand total of 240 Gold.

Tier Price Damage Accuracy Clip Range Starting Ammo Rank
First Tier Shop icon 240 330 100 220 1 220 12
Second Tier Shop icon 240 500 100 220 1 220 23
Third Tier Shop icon 240 800 100 220 1 220 32



  • This weapon had a texture missing in the 1.1.2 update for iOS, appearing invisible.
  • Prior to 1.7.0 update, this cost 49 Gold.
  • This weapon is capable of killing SWAT Zombies easily.
  • This is the first fictional melee weapon in the Dead Trigger franchise.


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