Blade Cutter
Blade Cutter
☣ Item Statistics ☣
Effect:Dismember legs of Zombies
Amount per purchase:2

"A brutal pedicure. Sharp blades connected to an outboard engine. Vroom!"
—In-game description
The Blade Cutter is an item in Dead Trigger.


The Blade Cutter is a useful gadget, which chops down a Zombies lower legs, specifically above the knees, causing them to fall down, not only slowing them down, but weakening them as well. It is best used to as a defensive item to guard areas that are not easily accessible, or blind spots. For example, if you were shooting down a group from one direction, then the Blade Cutter could slow down incoming Zombies from another, not only buying time, but lowering their health.

The Blade Cutter, once deployed, will keep spinning its blades. When a zombie gets cut by it, the Blade Cutter's health goes down. When its health reaches zero, the blades will stop spinning and the item will then explode.


  • The Stock image is different than the actual Blade Cutter, as it is a boat motor, and the actual items is 2 blades attached to a boat motor.
  • The explosion at the end does not affect zombies.
  • We can see a similar weapon in Half-Life 2.