Benjamin Rockstock
BenjaminRockstockThe New Hope armorer
OccupationFormer Sheriff & Armorer for New Hope

Benjamin Rockstock is the armorer for the New Hope.

Pre ApocalyseEdit

Ben used to be a sheriff, and then worked at a gun's shop.

Post ApocalypseEdit

Tools of Death​Edit

Benjamin first encounters the Hero when he is sent by Julian to get equipment, and Ben saves his life by blasting a Zombie that follows the Hero, using his shotgun. Benjamin hands him a cloth to clean himself from the Zombies remains, and tells him to browse the shop.

Moonlight for RockstockEdit

After he gets a gun, Benjamin tells him a bit about himself before the outbreak, saying he went from place to place, leaving behind personal treasures, and marks the old hideouts on the Hero's map.


Once the Hero returns Rockstock's old belongings, he becomes emotional, and thanks him for retrieving his precious photos, tools, and whisky. He shows photos of people who are mostly dead. He then hands a bottle if whisky to him in gratitude, and part ways.


  • He probably was a sheriff before the Apocalyse, as indicated by his hat.