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Bait Grenade
Bait Grenade
☣ Item Statistics ☣
Effect:Attract all Zombies and detonates
Amount per purchase:2
Limit per game:2
PriceShop icon 1400

"As the name indicates, combining two popular gadgets multiplies the fun. Zombies gather around the bait and...ka-boom!"
—In-game description

Summary Edit

The Bait Grenade is a combination of the Frag Grenade and Bait .

Once it is thrown down, Zombies nearby and incoming will pause, then lunge toward it; all except the Female, Athlete, and Hulk Zombie. Once several are gathered around, Zombies crouch and stare, until it explodes, launching them in all directions. The Bait Grenades are able to stick on anything they are thrown at. It's better when you stick them on explosive barrels.

It is useful for when swarms catch the player off guard, or when defending the gate, where getting Zombies away from the intended target is useful.

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Trivia Edit

  • The Bait Grenades stock image differs from the actual grenade, as it glows.
  • The Bait Grenade will immediately explode like a Frag Grenade if thrown directly at a zombie