☣ Item Statistics ☣
Effect:Attracts all Zombies
Amount per purchase:4
Limit per game:2

"There are various ways of baiting zombies. You can spill blood on your mother-in-law or use your neighbors cat. This is an electric buzzer designed to attract the undead's undying attention."
—In-game description


Bait is an Item which sends out a frequency that attracts all nearby Zombies, rounding them up in one place to either be massacred or to distract them while completing an objective. Being one of the cheapest items, it is priced at $500 for 4. Unlike the picture in the shop, the Bait in-game is a yellow glowing sphere. When thrown, it plays out a Christmas song and zombies nearby will pause, and lunge toward it, seemingly hypnotized by the song.  The Bait can be quite unreliable at times, as even though the bait has been thrown, it takes about 1.5 seconds before the zombies are attracted to it.

Useful for escaping being cornered or chased for a couple seconds or to reload.


  • Female, Athlete, and Hulk Zombies ignore the Bait item.

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