For a similarly working item in Dead Trigger 2, see Autoheal.
Autoheal Kit
Autoheal Kit
☣ Upgrade Statistics ☣
Effect:Automatically heals player
PriceGold DT2 299

"Continuously regenrates health during the mission."
—Game description
The Autoheal Kit is a character upgrade in Dead Trigger.

Overview Edit

Summary Edit

It is by far the most essential character upgrade. It automatically heals the player if they are injured. It is the most expensive upgrade in terms of Gold. It has been changed from previous updates for "leveling" reasons, dropping the regeneration rate. It takes exactly 12 seconds to regenerate 2 health points. It is, by most players' opinion, the most useful character upgrade, because it heals the player automatically forever with a one-time purchase. It means that one no longer requires the constant restocking of Medical items.