Athlete Zombie
AtheleteThe 3d Model of the Athlete Zombie
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AppearancesExclusively in The Stadium of the Dead

The Athlete Zombie is a new zombie that was introduced in the 1.5.0 update.


The Athlete Zombie is an exclusive to the Stadium of Dead Arena map. It is the fastest moving zombie in the game, but also one of weakest in terms of health. Damage, however, is relatively high, more so than the standard zombie. The Athlete Zombie typically spawns out on the stadium's track, hurdling over the obstacles in it's way. It can, however, spawn with the other zombies; behind the barricades and the tents.


  • If you happen to play Stadium of the Dead, be sure to equip Speed Booster if you own it.
  • Shotguns are most deadly against the Athlete Zombie, due to it most likely reaching you before you being able to aim at it with a rifle.
  • Turrets can quickly take down an Athlete Zombie, even as it spawns at the far edges of the track, and a Turret's auto aim tracks Athletes very well.


  • The Athlete's number card reads 666
  • Due to zombies keeping a little of their momentum when they attack after running, the Athlete's attack is difficult to escape if it has just sprinted towards you.
  • Occasionally, the Pumpkin hats from the Halloween update will spawn in the Stadium of the Dead, or any map really, and when killed, the Athlete Zombie's glowing pumpkin eyes remain glowing.