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For a similar weapon in Dead Trigger 2, see Area-51 Gun.
Alien Gun
Alien Gun
☣ Weapon Statistics ☣
Magazine size3
Fire modeSemi-Automatic
Unlock rankRank5, Unlocked for free if game was purchased prior to free release
PriceShop icon 2120
Alien Gun-icon

The Alien Gun is an extra-terrestrial pistol.

Overview Edit

Summary Edit

This gun was featured in the 1.5.0 patch. It is made of unknown material, and has a limited but replenish-able ammo. This weapon has a unique way of killing zombies. When the bullet hits a zombie, the zombie freezes while it is walking and starts decomposing with a blue lining.

Contrary to the description, while it can easily kill Zombies in one hit at close range, it becomes progressively useless in higher ranks as this weapon may take a couple or even the full clip to kill stronger Zombies. The range of this weapon greatly reduces its effectiveness at higher levels. It can be rather weak when it comes to killing the SWAT zombie. It usually takes a few magazines to kill it. Due to this weapon's low fire rate, it is not advised to use this gun in tight corners. It has an average reload time for a powerful pistol, but its magazine size is too small.

Upgrades Edit

The Alien Gun has three tiers to upgrade to. With the initial purchase, and upgrades, this gun is priced at a grand total of Shop icon 2240.

Tier Price Damage Accuracy Clip Range Starting Ammo Rank To Unlock
First Tier Shop icon 240 260 91 4 11 12
Second Tier Shop icon 240 390 91 5 11 24
Third Tier Shop icon 240 520 91 7 11 28 33

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Trivia Edit

  • The origin of the Alien gun is probably the Alien blaster from the game franchise Fallout; Fallout 3, to be precise. The gun also resembles the Call of Duty Treyarch Zombies mode "c:callofduty:Ray Gun".
  • This weapons was created due to the poll results on Madfinger games Facebook page.
  • Instead of a normal animation when a zombie dies, when killing a zombie with the Alien gun, the zombie pauses and slowly vanishes in a blue glow,
  • When a shot is fired from the Alien gun, a bluish pulse appears, similar to the effect of the grenade.
  • The "disappearing" animation of the zombie is similar to the animation of a dead zombie disintegrating on the ground. When a zombie is killed with a normal gun, its body falls to the ground and slowly disappears with an orange lining. The Alien gun has the same effect except the color of the lining is blue.
  • When not aiming down sights, the alignment of the iron sights of this gun are not proportioned to the player's point of view.
  • Shooting will not guarantee an instant death; a head shot is required. Shooting any other body part will just do average damage.
  • Every time this weapon is shot, it produces a beeping noise after the initial gunshot sound.
  • Prior to the iOS 1.7.0 update, this costs Shop icon 289.
  • The Alien Gun shares the same draw sound as the other 2 pistols.

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