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"The AK-47 needs no introduction. It remains the most popular rifle in the world. Highly efficient and durable, with a large ammo capacity."
—In-game description

AK 47
AK 47
☣ Weapon Statistics ☣
Based on:AK-47
Class:Assault Rifles
Magazine size30
Fire modeAutomatic
Unlock rankRank7
PriceShop icon 17,000

The AK 47 is an assault rifle in Dead Trigger.



The AK 47 is a highly efficient assault rifle. It one of two assault rifles that can be unlocked in the Shop, the other one being the Colt M4. It is very powerful, doing well against a small horde of walkers, and even better against individual Zombies that are roaming nearby.

Once it is fully upgraded, it takes about 6 less rounds to kill a zombie than before it was upgraded to even the first tier. The kick, or recoil, is very high for this weapon, making it difficult to shoot precisely at a target, such as the head or limbs of a fast Zombie. There are no attachments for this gun, making it the only bare assault rifle currently in the game.

This gun works best as a primary weapon, especially when fully upgraded, due to its high damage, good range, large magazine, and good accuracy. It does fairly well against mobs of Zombies, which can take less than a magazine to eradicate. It is also more efficient to aim down the barrel of the gun for maximum accuracy.


The AK 47 has 3 tiers to upgrade to. With initial purchase and upgrades together, this gun is priced at a grand total of Shop icon 1116,000.

Tier Price Damage Accuracy Clip Range Starting Ammo Rank to Unlock
First Tier Shop icon 19,000 220 71 30 51 180 12
Second Tier Shop icon 125,000 400 75 30 51 180 17
Third Tier Shop icon 175,000 600 79 30 51 180 28



  • The barrel has a typical wooden grip.
  • The magazine seems to be more of a AK74 mag rather than a AK47 mag.


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